Our Overarching Safeguarding Policy Document 'Promoting a Safer Church' can be found at


 A copy of this is available at the back of church attached to the Notice board for your access.


         • We recognise that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.


         • We recognise that no other concern or responsibility, however genuine, outweighs the need to prioritise

  the welfare of children or of    

           adults at risk of abuse, at all times.


         • We welcome, encourage and urge anyone who is concerned about any aspect of our safeguarding

  practice or provision to raise

           those concerns, as outlined below.


         • We welcome, encourage and urge anyone who is concerned about any safety and welfare of a child or

  adult to report those



         • We undertake to treat all such concerns seriously.


         • We guarantee that no one who raises any concern in good faith, even if those concerns are ultimately

  found to be unfounded, will

           face any adverse consequences whatsoever.


  If you have a concern please share it with our parish safeguarding coordinator:

 Judy Dickin 01522 822620 [email protected] or the Rector: Revd Lorna Brabin-Smith 01522

 794868 [email protected]


 Alternatively, for advice on all safeguarding issues including allegations or suspicions of abuse contact:  

 Deborah Johnson: Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser  

 (DSA) 01522 504081 [email protected]

 Penny Turner: Deputy Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser.    01522 504080 [email protected]


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