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Benefice Diary

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I grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne where I also studied for a music degree, and then went on to study for a Master’s degree, specialising in musicology and vocal composition. My instrument specialism was voice and I enjoyed singing in choirs throughout my time at university. I accidentally fell into singing in church choirs and sometimes leading worship bands, which provided interesting variety. These traditions came together to give me both a greater understanding of God and a knowledge of the amazing breadth of worship in the Church of England. Whilst doing this, I also conducted a community choir in Edinburgh in a respite centre for people with HIV and Hepatitis C, where I worked closely with the chaplain. This experience changed my perception of the world and of God’s mission for a kingdom of love and justice for all. Over time, my sense of vocation and call to ordained ministry started to grow. I became a Pastoral Assistant in the North Scunthorpe Group of Parishes for a year. I used this an opportunity to explore my growing sense of vocation to priesthood as I worked in both a group of churches and also as a chaplain in the local primary school. After the year as a Pastoral Assistant I moved on to Cambridge, where I spent three years reading theology through Selwyn College whilst completing my ordination training at Westcott House. I particularly enjoyed studying mission, doctrine and practical theology and hope to go on to do further study. Since my ordination, I have been the curate at Lincoln Cathedral where I have been able to use and develop my love of liturgy, music and art. My hobbies include trying to create art, playing the piano (badly), baking and playing Dungeons and Dragons. I also have an unhealthy obsession with colourful shoes. Although we are in unprecedented times, I am excited to continue my training in this benefice and to meet you all.

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Rachel Revely