Just Voices is an informal group of over 20 church congregation members, that assembles from time to time for the purpose of singing on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival, for example. The terms `singing', `singers', `choral' and `choir' are deliberately omitted from the title of the group since we are neither a formal choir nor a choral `society', but simply an informal group of people from the church pews who like to prepare something different to sing at specific special services in the church. We are a group of `just voices'. The music (mainly based on church choral music) is varied and tailored to the group, for singing in one, two, three or four parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass).


One aspect that attracts our participants is that Just Voices is not a `week-in, week-out' commitment. We hold a short programme of practices - mainly once a week for an hour, for 4 to 6 weeks only - to prepare for a particular occassion (e.g. a carol service), sing at the event, then `hibernate' till the next special occasion.


New participants are always welcome. You do not need to be able to read music, nor have any formal singing experience or training. ALL abilities are welcome; there is no audition. All you need is `just a voice', some enthusiasm and commitment to a handful of practices for each occasion, laced with a dash of good humour.


We do not charge any subscription to take part (though you may occasionally be asked to pay for, or contribute towards the cost of any music purchased on your behalf), neither do we perform concerts nor wear uniforms or gowns. We mainly support special-occasion church services. The practices are a blend of light-heartedness, targeted work, and a very safe and friendly environment.


How it works:

1. An open invitation to congregation members is published, asking for anyone interested in a programme    

of practices to sing at an event on a particular occasion, usually in the church to `sign up'.


2. Interested people sign up if they are available for the practices and the event.


3. Music is arranged acccording to the response, and we schedule a programme or practices over a few weeks before singing at the event concerned.


4. We then disband until the next occasion.


We generally sing on 2 to 4 occasions a year - Christmas and Easter plus possibly one or two other occasions. If you wish to skip a programme (e.g. you're busy, or away, or just don't fancy what we're singing on the programme), then simply don't sign up for it. You will still be welcome back at any future programmes that interest you.


If you are interested in joining Just Voices (or are merely `just curious'!) please call Alex on 07538 488 627 for more information.