We are delighted that you may be considering getting married at All Saints. Whilst everyone will have individual queries, there are some, which will be common to everyone, and we try to deal with these below. Once you have read through, do feel free to telephone Revd. Lorna Brabin-Smith on 01522 794868


Some confusion has arisen out of the Relaxation Of The Law in respect to qualifications to be met where a wedding is requested in a particular church. A request can now be granted where there is a legitimate family connection with that Parish Church. (In our case couples living outside Branston have no automatic right to be married here and the fact that they are having a reception at a local hotel is not sufficient reason in Law)... What needs to be established id that family connection and this should be done before any other arrangements are made.


Frequently Asked Questions

All matters set out herein are subject to confirmation.


How do we qualify for marriage at All Saints ?

If either of you live in the parish of Branston, live outside the parish but are on the church’s electoral roll and if both are over 18 and not married to anyone else, then you are legally entitled to marry at All Saints. From October 1st 2008, you will also be able to get married here if


*  this parish is where you were baptised and/or confirmed


* you have lived in the parish for six months or more, at any time  

  during your lives


*  if this is a parish where you have attended worship in for at

  least six months


*  if this is the parish where your parents lived or worshiped

  (during your lifetime)


*  if your parents or grandparents were married in this parish.


I look forward to welcoming couples in this situation and to help them in any way I can within current Mariiage Law.


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