Just Voices is an informal group of 20+ congregation and choir members, that meet from time to time for the purpose of singing something for special occasions like Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festivals. All you need is 'just a voice', some enthusiasm and commitment to a handful of rehearsals on each special occasion, laced with a dash of good humour.


You do not need to be another Catherine Jenkins or Luciano Pavarotti... and you do not need to be able to read music, though it helps if you can. One aspect that attracts our members is that Just Voices is not a 'week-in, week-out' commitment. We practice with a few sessions for an occasion, sing at the occasion, then hibernate until the next occasion!


If you are interested in joining Just Voices (or are merely 'just curious'!) and might like to be part of the church's music scene, please call Alex on 01522 794793 for more information. There are no auditions, and the practices are a blend of light-heartedness, targeted practice and a very safe environment!