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with the Parishes of Nocton & Potterhanworth 

in the Diocese of Lincoln

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24th December at 5.00pm


Especially for young families


The first celebration of Christmas Day

beginning at 11.30pm



Benefice Diary

Please let Sue Spencer have any items for the Benefice Diary as

soon as you have dates.



Copies of the House of Bishops' Safeguarding Policies & Safeguarding Officers are available on request from the Parish Safegurading Officers:

Branston: Judy Dickin (01522 822620)

Nocton: Janet Goldsworthy (01526 323142)

Potterhanworth: Janet Suthern (01522 797078


20:20 VISION



For the past three years we've had a theme taking us from Ephiphany through to Easter. The title in 2016 was 'Pilgrimage', in 2017 it was 'Everyday Disciples' and last year it was '...and Alleluia is our song!,


A year or so ago we carried out a sort of customer statisfaction survey to ask what you thought of the experience, and the response was very positive. So we're doing it again this year.


Seeing is believing

This time the title will be '20:20 Vision'. Among other things we'll be looking at the visual elements of our worship, exploring what our church buildings express through their structures, shapes and symbols, and reflecting on images of Church by different artists, old and new. there'll be some theology too - based on the idea that Jesus is 'the image of the invisible God' (Col 1:15). Or to quote from one of our Christmas Communion prayers: 'In him we see our God made visible and so are caught up in the love of the God we cannot see.'  


Any Questions?

Meanwhile, I wonder whether you have any questions about visual aspects of church life? We've already had a couple of suggestions: Why do we have different colours on the altar through the year? Why do some people cross themselves in worship? What significance of the vestments the clergy wear? Email your questions to lorna.brabinsmith@btinternet.com


Taking things quietly

We've booked the Station House at Stixwould for another quiet day this Spring, on Saturday 29th February. Rev'd Canon Sue Spencer wil be leading the day for us. The title will be 'Stand & Stare', based on the poem 'Leisure by William Henry Davies. Spaces are limited, so look out for more details in a few weeks' time.


Forty days and forty nights 

During Lent we're hoping to spend some time reflecting

on Rembrandt's famous painting 'The Return of the Prodigal'.

There'll be our usual Wednesday Lent communion and lunches. And Compline on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at our three churches - possiblly looking at paintings with Sister Wendy Becket.


We're also planning to offer study groups, a book group, a trip to Southwell Minster and another to Walsingham, pub walks and the oportunity yo create some art of your own. And instead of walking from Bardney to the Cathedral on Holy Saturday, this year we'll be walking from Nocton to Branston, with an opportunity to be creative along the way.

We'll still follow the bible readings set for each Sunday, but may be from a different angle.


Bible for Beginners

Meanwhile the Thursday evening 'Bible for Beginner's group continues to meet. But we're also starting a new group from scratch; so if you're interested please let Rev'd Lorna know.


Confirmation group

We'll also be starting a new confirmation group

soon, for anyone interested in preparing for

confirmation.There's no obligation to be confirmed - you might like to use it simply as an opportunity to explore what it means to 'sign up' with Christ, or even as a refresher course. But if you decide to be confirmed we're aiming for the Confirmation at the Cathedral on Easter Eve.


Bishop's Visitation

And finally, Bishop Nicholas will be visiting our benefice in February. He'll be spending the day with us on Wednesday February 5th, beginning at Nocton, moving on to Potterhanworth and then Branston. we're working on the details, but you'll all be invited to a mid-day communion and a simple lunch at Branston. He'll be returning the following Sunday, February 9th, to preside and preach at a 10.00am United Benefice service at Nocton.

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